ICAO is the standards authority for the ATN and the ATN SARPs will either be directly included in Annex 10 (Aeronautical Telecommunications) to the Convention on International Civil Aviation  or referenced from it. Compliance with the ATN SARPs is then likely to be made mandatory by many Administrations for aircraft flying in their airspace.

The actual responsibility for the development of the ATN SARPs and Guidance Material lies with the ATN Panel (ATNP). This is a panel of national experts, and experts from aeronautical organisations, that was created by the Air Navigation Commission. The ATNP members are responsible for the drafting of the SARPs and for recommending their approval to the ANC.

The 2nd edition was formally accepted for publication in December 1999. This is a roll up of all the editorial changes and clarifications that have been agreed since the 1st edition was published.

The 3rd Edition was completed in November 2001. It contains a number of enhancements over the earlier editions including the addition of a Security Framework. Caution should however be exercised on reading the 3rd edition as currently available products are at most compliant with the 2nd edition.

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